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Fed by Pains

Fed by Pains

f/5.0, 1/160sec, 90mm, ISO100 | Tibet , China

It just so happened that I got a sore throat while practicing the the pronunciation of Nepali letters. But my hard-working could not be the possible cause, since my pronunciation of Nepali still made no sense to the native speakers. The sore throat turned out to be a domino effect to my health, from headache to stomachache, from diarrhea to fever, I finally stopped myself to feel the pains passively, and thus to focus on an array of preformed questions. Such as what the pain exactly is? Who is really suffering from the panic attacks? If there’s no subjective feeling of the pain, will there be any hurt exists objectively?  

I felt a little better as a result of questioning myself and subsequently recalled an article which defined the pain as a survival mechanism and pointed out that pain is an output of the brain, not an input from the body. These ideas may not just be some seemingly paradigm shifts, but can be actively used to alleviate the aches. However, constantly bothered by the uncomfortable sensations, I felt too faint to apply the theories into into practice.

As always, it was the words from Master brought an end to my suffering.

He said If you had believed in causes and effects, you would not feel painful mentally;  If you had some energy to call me, you ought to have enough strength to make your messy room spick and span instead of still feeling too weak to get up; If you could penetrate into the truth that there was in fact nothing bad ever happened to you,  you should be fully recovered now. 

Further, he told me that he was not trying to steer the conversation away from the topic of pain, on the contrary, he was apt to discover my suffering from phenomenon to essence, otherwise, I would err no the side of resisting or escaping from what I was experiencing and finally prolong the body’s natural recovery process. Keep in mind, one unfortunate aspect of pain physiology is that the longer the pain goes, the easier it becomes to feel the pain.

I eventually realized that pain could be triggered by factors unrelated to physical harm. Thus why could it not be relieved in the same way?  If we believe that job or life dissatisfaction might be a predictor of back pain, it was no surprised that an apology to the person you were blaming could be a treatment of the fever.

Stop to be agitated by pain is the very first step to recover from the sickness, from there, we may expect to gradually live a painless life.

Photo by 小弥头(Xiao Niu),DamXung, Tibet 

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