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“Wish you an auspicious start to the new school year in HKU”.

A new school year

A New school year | f/3.2, 1/100sec, 24mm, ISO100, Chongqing, China

“Wish you an auspicious start to the new school year in HKU”.

This is a message I received a few days ago from a friend who just flown to America to attend a business college there. Surely, it is a blessing but I feel reluctant to send some seemingly positive feedback to her, for example, wish her a promising school time as well. “Why don’t you try being a little more encouraging?” You might ask. Someone even say “You are not supposed to be jealous, are you?”.

Well, I would only say that I won’t blurt out any encouragements or supports to a thing which my friends or family members are aiming at without being convinced of the positive influence it will have on their life. In a addition, people are apt to be ambitious for a worthier future, however, when they fail to meet their expectations they would be overwhelmed by feelings of disappointment, anger, or distress. it may even result in some mental disorders if they experience a harsh reality of life which is in contrast to what they imagined. So I would endeavor to provide a timely help when they need to overcome the obstacles that be placed on their path rather than playing a role as a catalyst to boost their ego at the very beginning.

In fact, I once asked my friend about why she decided to study overseas when she just began to submit the application documents to the schools. She gave no reason for her decision, instead, she complained bitterly that preparing for TOEFL is so laborious and she worried herself sick about the undetermined admission results as time is fast approaching to a deadline of the enrollment. Afterwards, she told me that she had just been admiring westerner’s lifestyle and looking down on her own present life in China. That could be a possible motivation for her to study aboard. Then I said ” You had yet to reveal the deeper layer in either of this two countries and you might just found America as another China when you were actually there, because you just confined yourself to your own style which was irrelevant to the culture of either China or America. How could you be so judgmental to the external environment when you are in fact blind to it? ”

She did not contact me since our last conversation mentioned above until I received that blessing message which I would appreciate but keep is as an unresponsive one for a while.

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