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Words Of the Day

  • 2015年7月22日

    My personal photography website probably would never have been initiated was it not for the encouragement and enlightenment provided by my Buddhist Master Tianzhen.

    He looks at the world with the eye of Buddha which personifies the encyclopedia of the wisdom, and he knows the answer to any questions you might ask. The following are some examples of Q&A on and far beyond photography.

    I: “What is the key point to the composition of a photograph?”

    Master Tianzhen: “If the road ahead was blocked, turn around to see the mountains.”

    I then found that there could always be a turning back before every step I take ahead. Moving back and forth without the slightest hesitation; Standing here and there without attaching too much weight on any findings before my eyes, I could expect to figure out what’s the most important and the least automatically and to get the photos finally composed.

    I: “How can I capture the decisive moment?”
    Master Tianzhen: “Look, your hat blew off while the door blew open, but there was in fact, no wind blowing through at the time.”
    I: “Did that mean everything was empty thus nothing could ever be captured?”
    Unexpectedly, Master Tianzhen tapped me on the shoulder and said: ” Nice to meet you up at such a decisive moment.”

    All of a sudden, Words fail me and the air is filled with the song of the birds. Never has nature seemed so harmonious nor the people more picturesque, and it is time for me to take a picture of spring no matter how scalding July has been.

    I: “Is black and white more expressive than color with regard to the photography of the documentary? ”

    Master Tianzhen: “Every existence is inherently whiter than white, why do you not show them your true color?”

    His enlightened approach to teaching awakens the realization that I should not let my judgment be colored by any personal feelings if I aim to document life that same life which is not as complex as the mental images I have previously composed and that can neither be seen in black and white.

    If happening to be a photographer is my great fortune, being a student of Master Tianzhen is bound to be the brightest part of my life. By practicing Buddhism with him, I understand that photographs are not merely the experience captured but be the window into the world both known and unknown. Also, the camera is also not to be used as the arm of the consciousness in its acquisitive mood, but as an eye contact with the universe. When it’s blowing, my own image reflected on the river goes away with a series of ripples, but I am standing still in the heart of the universe from beginning to the end.

  • 2015年7月20日

    Being compared to the possible danger of the adventure, the routine is certainly deadly in some people’s view. It might be true on the one hand if the routine refers to a stubborn resistance to change when you have already been tricked or even hurt by the force of the habits and seemed like a lost soul. On the other hand, if the routine means a personal feeling of bore, and breaking from it merely indicates looking for a breath of fresh air, then the adventure will soon parallels the routine as the freshness fades way. In addition, it may venture your delicate inner peace on the exposure to an ego which swells bigger than your ability and cost your life as a result.

    “How could we settle ourselves down in daily life but not be dulled by the steady rhythm of the ordinariness?” and “Would it be possible for us to explore the unknown world while not to rock our life up and down due to the a wind of change that is constantly blowing through our journey?”

    The questions may sound like a paradox. But being questioned, we could prevent ourselves from growing numb and are expected to release ourselves from the contradictory thoughts running through our own minds.

    “The most adventurous and challenging life is a matter of routine.” Master TianZhen once enlightened one of his students about the path to see through the illusions of the changeable surroundings so that his balance of mind would not be disturbed no matter how life was going to present itself to him. “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.” The student then replied. “Absolutely! If you believe in this philosophy, then you’d better begin to venture into ordinary life to see if you prove equal to it.”

    I happened to listen to the teaching which turned out to solve my confusions directly. However, instead of being a prove of my ability to completely deal with the challenges either from routine or adventure, this realization indicated a upsurge efforts I need to make to remain qualified as a Buddhist and to become enlightened as a ordinary person.

  • 2015年7月19日

    There is no agreed definition of what a final end of the life should be, from the medical certification of death to the existence of the intermediate state which is after death and before next birth; from ordinary people’s reincarnation to Buddha’s nirvana; from the mortal body to the immortality of the soul, and different realizations of this final end are emphasized respectively by people from all educational and religious backgrounds.

    However, this topic never seems to be fully argued due to people’s limited knowledge of death which can rarely be gained from books without personal experience. Some people might have approached death for once or twice due to serious illnesses or attacks, but hardly can they reveal the deep and glory layer of the death from which they could be educated. Instead, most of them are merely suffering from the pain and the depression result from the fear of death. That’s why death never means the end of the sufferings and it is not beyond the bounds of possibility that death indicates another start of suffering.

    The simple stories of cause and effect in Buddhist books resonate with the complicated philosophy of impermanence and the seemingly different fates of earthly existences. Normally, people see the dead but are blind to them; people hear of the moment of death but are reluctant to connect it with their present life; people are in fact dying from moment to moment but are not aware of it. As it is all known, when war threatens, people act irrationally. While the death is always threatening, how could people act peacefully if they have no knowledge of and preparation for it? It is the ignorance of death that leads to the sufferings of life. The teachings of the Buddhism provide us with an integral knowledge of the death, from basic to the highest level, the complete emancipation from the circle of the living and dying in other word.

    “Dose this emancipation refers to the final end of life?” You might ask. “Well, there is no final end at all.” At the back of mind is a small but clear voice, telling me that we are all expected to reveal this truth ourselves by then.

  • 2015年7月15日

    Five month ago, I committed myself to “a buy no clothes half year” On the one hand, I was suddenly aware that the clothes I have already owned are just too many to be properly worn even to be found instantly when I need the specific one. Sometimes I have the feeling of being buried instead of being covered by a drawer of clothes and my clothes sense seems to fade away while I am struggling with the color, patten,or style. On the other hand, I was so inspired by a sincere compliment which said “your beauty consists of your simplicity and will be only surpassed by your purity ” I wish I could truly deserve this admiration someday. I decided to simplify my life by reducing desires and unburden myself of the feelings of guilt resulted from the money, energy and time I have wasted on unnecessary stuffs among which the mountain of clothes are the most noticeable.

    The desires that are stored in the ground of our ordinary mind are always lying ready to be activated by any influence. If the self-control takes the greatest endeavor then our tendencies take the slightest provocation to be prompt to the surface. For instance, a 30% discount on a linen dress given by a shop which I used to patronize would be an excuse to turning me back to be a greedy and impulsive buyer at the last half month of my “buy no clothes half year”.

    I have been torn between my commitment and desire ever since I kept that discount in my mind. It had a domino-effect on my life, as it turned out. I found myself unfocused and unproductive while working and even spent wakeful nights unconsciously thinking about how would I look like on that dress. Unfortunately, I finally bought it. However, I know it would not make me prettier but remind me of how much effort I still need to make to release myself from the force of habits and the control of desires.

  • 2015年7月14日

    Gingin woke herself up by a peal of laughter she burst out from a sweet dream last midnight. I was lying beside her and still awake. Although I had the similar experience not long ago, it still surprised me that how extensive and far reaching a dream could be and left me with a glimpse of a dreamlike world we are in.

    I then began to drift between the sleep and the wakefulness. It seemed like that I was scattered in all directions by a series of images, events and feelings. “Did that indicate a disturbed state of mind?” I asked my master awkwardly after breakfast. He did not reply directly but asked me another three questions. “Were they consciously composed?” ” Back then were you aware of that you were dreaming?” “And now, have you awakened to the realization that the dream is not different from the real life but the reality is far beyond a dream? If a dream consists of some thoughts unconsciously running through your mind, then the real world would never be reached or even touched by your awareness. Even the most deliberate and intentional one cannot uncover any part of the real life, because it is just a dream.”

    The teachings not flow from my master mind but from his heart. Questioned by him, my confusion has been solved and my prayer has been answered automatically. I know even the reflection and realization is inherently dreamlike and illusory, but I take it seriously at this moment.

  • 2015年7月13日

    “Wish you an auspicious start to the new school year in HKU”.

    This is a message I received a few days ago from a friend who just flown to America to attend a business college there. Surely, it is a blessing but I feel reluctant to send some seemingly positive feedback to her, for example, wish her a promising school time as well. “Why don’t you try being a little more encouraging?” You might ask. Someone even say “You are not supposed to be jealous, are you?”.

    Well, I would only say that I won’t blurt out any encouragements or supports to a thing which my friends or family members are aiming at without being convinced of the positive influence it will have on their life. In a addition, people are apt to be ambitious for a worthier future. However, when they fail to meet their expectations they would be overwhelmed by feelings of disappointment, anger, or distress. it may even result in some mental disorders if they experience a harsh reality of life which is in contrast to what they imagined. So I would endeavor to provide a timely help when they need to overcome the obstacles that be placed on their path rather than playing a role as a catalyst to boost their ego at the very beginning.

    In fact, I once asked my friend about why she decided to study overseas when she just began to submit the application documents to the schools. She gave no reason for her decision. Instead, she complained bitterly that preparing for TOEFL is so laborious and she worried herself sick about the undetermined admission results as time is fast approaching to a deadline of the enrollment. Afterwards, she told me that she had just been admiring westerner’s lifestyle and looking down on her own present life in China. That could be a possible motivation for her to study aboard. Then I said ” You had yet to reveal the deeper layer in either of this two countries and you might just found America as another China when you were actually there, because you just confined yourself to your own style which was irrelevant to the culture of either China or America. How could you be so judgmental to the external environment when you are in fact blind to it? ”

    She did not contact me since our last conversation mentioned above until I received that blessing message which I would appreciate but keep is as an unresponsive one for a while.

  • 2015年7月12日

    I was awakened at the dawn by a peal of the temple bell which rang out in the distance. For me, that was a moment of peace and tranquility by which a day in a temple was perfectly started.

    The monk who takes charge of ringing the bell lives downstairs. I do not awakened to the sound of his steps early in the morning but I have the privilege to hear the chant that comes out of his room at nightfall. The sutras he is chanting has a familiar ring but the realization of the Buddhist teachings that aroused in me is different. This monk is too old to straighten up his back and be articulate when chats with others but he chants in a so clear and gentle way that makes me think of the teachings flow from Buddha in a stream of compassion and wisdom.

    Some people say that the conviction of the Buddhism is common to see merely among the old and the dying. I am not on the same page not only because I am a young Buddhist with a good physical condition but also because of an universal truth that we are all bound to be old and some people even grow old before their time. Further, we have to confront the death sooner or later. In other words, we are dying since we are born. So when people talk about the old and the dying they are in fact not able to remove themselves from the roll. Thousands of years ago, Buddha revealed the impermanence as the nature of all things in universe and as one of the essential doctrines in Buddhism. Nowadays, anyone who’s awakened to this realization is in turn a living proof of the timeless enlightenment brought by the teaching, from which the confidence of the Buddhism arises automatically.

  • 2015年7月9日

    In order to attend a Zen meditation class I have spent more than two weeks in a Buddhist temple. By interacting with some visitors apart from my classmates, I found that most of them neither understand Buddha’s teaching nor observe the precepts, not mention practice specific meditation. However, they call themselves “Pilgrims”

    Nowadays lots of people tend to go to Buddhist retreat to get a moment of blessed calm or some temporary relaxation and may try to resolve the conflicts within themselves by burning incense and praying. Does it truly works? –‘I doubt it.’ I then questioned myself: “How could we pray to Buddha if we are blind to him? How could we make our mind stay still for a while if we are scattered by grasping after distractions? How could we transform our negative karma under the guidance of the Buddhist masters if we do not practice it accordingly?”

    To answer these questions demands of us the deepest intelligence, perseverance, and discipline. And I know that I need to approach it as the greatest endeavor of my life so that I could have the great honor to call myself a Buddhist.

  • 2015年6月14日

    To travel off the beaten track always sounds exceedingly attractive, however, people may find it far from their imagination when they finally arrive the destination. It is not that special any more because their minds have returned to normal state and even judge it another beaten path as a result. Logically, If we see the world from same perspective or we attach to our sentiments, then there’s no difference between destination A and B.

    With a curious mind and several outstanding lens, I have a passionate interest in exploring the unknown world, which is not something I have yet to seen or somewhere I have yet to be. Instead, it is everything I think I have been familiar with. It could be defined and understood differently due to my ever changing mind. Unless I eventually figure out who I am, otherwise the surroundings will be unknown to me.

    By regarding how fortunate I have known my ignorance of the present, I seldom, if ever, dream of the worthier future or compare to former versions of myself  and I do need to explore more about my home and family before starting next trip.

  • 2015年6月7日

    When I finally received the offer of admission to Hong Kong University 3days ago, I did not feel like I had cause to rejoice, but had every reason to be grateful to the university, to my parents, and in particular to my Master Tianzhen who has guided me through the whole procedure for applying to the Master of Buddhist Studies in HKU, and for becoming an enlightened Buddhist in my life.
    “Does everything happen for a reason? ” I once asked Master Tianzhen. ” Yes, it does——A series of reasons. But the reasons do not mater anywhere near as much as we do with what is currently happening.” I then reflected on the perpetual causes and effects and felt endless peaceful by unfolding some connection between personal fate and the natural rules. 
    I then received some best wishes from my Buddhist brothers. They were all enjoyed in the reflected glory of mine as if they all attained the same opportunity to pursue the Buddhist Studies in HKU. Once again, I felt exceedingly fortunate by practicing Buddhism with them, which made me surrounded by great souls with ethereal beauty and unique inspiration for achieving the study goals and hastening my own salvation.

  • 2015年5月29日

    Some people are far more compassionate and patient with others than with themselves, for example, they always take a prompt action to peacefully comfort a friend who has just broken up with his or her lover, and they probably never feel tired of doing so. However, they will be in a sudden outburst of anger or feel extremely disappointed when experience the similar situation themselves. In most cases, the troubles are no different, but people deal with it differently.

    Some people are apt to think of their own lifestyle as the normal one and to look down on those which are differ from it. They form overarching conclusions about other people based on shortcomings while flatter themselves in all aspects as if they are blinded to their own setbacks. Their judgements are colored with arrogance and ignorance thus are not fair neither to others nor to themselves.

    I do not dare to say that I am absolutely not within either of them, but being constantly in self-communion and introspection, I have gradually figured out how to keep myself from getting stuck with those minds which makes me be torn between other’s ideas and my thoughts, afterwards, none of them is supposed to be deemed as 100 percent correct and wise. The ability to appreciate others and tolerate ourselves is the point to nurture an intact and complete personality.

  • 2015年5月26日

    What is the greatest compliment ever that causes you feel exceedingly pride and joy? For me, that is the following words said by one of my brothers:

    ” Your external beauty will be surpassed only by the purity and loveliness of your character.”

    I felt flattered, indeed. However, instead of highlighting my plain appearance, I focus on improving the personality to be my crowning glory. A glory that makes my pride and prejudice fade away and frees me from a mass of insecurities lurked beneath a confident and charming exterior.

    Every earthly-existence by its very nature is impermanent. Based on it, our life fluctuates moment to moment. We feel hopeful to give birth to a baby and stressful to look at the increasingly wrinkles around our eyes. We are ambitious for our future but reluctant to break our routine. We finally seem to be a paradox. Some say that the face is the mirror of the soul, if it is true, I would love to be deemed as a beauty and being more beautiful from day to day.

  • 2015年5月25日

    Before Buddha’s birth, a dream-reader said to King Suddhodana, Buddha’s father that ” A son who shall be the glory of this world will soon be born to you. Two ways will lie before the child. If he does not behold a sick man, an old man, a dead man, and a monk who has renounced the world, he will live to rule as the greatest mortal King, full of power and glory. But if this four signs are seen by him, greater still will be his Kingdom, but not of this world for he will become a Buddha, the Enlightened One.”

    “We are a clan of noble warriors” , replied the King confidently, “and no son of mine-no Sakya prince can be a monk ! I shall do everything within my power to prevent my child from seeing these four signs and he shall live to be a great and valorous King, bring glory to his people.”

    Well, as showing my respect to King Suddhodana, I still wonder what can exactly keep his son from being exposed to the living and dying if everything, essentially, is impermanent? I still wonder how the King can truly seal the fate of his son if his own future by its very nature is uncertain as well? I also wonder why the King would like to confine his son to be a subsequent King  of a country rather than enjoying the reflected glory of his son to a great master of the whole universe.

  • 2015年5月22日

    In this age of alienation, it may be surprised to know that lacking of solitude has been to a great extent blocking our peace of mind, our joy in relationships, and ultimately resulting in tides of pressure.

    solitude is a protector of the self and human spirit. I can always find peace of my mind in a world that is anything but peaceful by spending time alone. I try to follow the message of every great meditator, who suggests that no matter how lost we feel; we can take refuge in self-communion and introspection. This is the true message of solitude, and it is through this self-awareness and inner aloneness that our life will flower.

    Coming back to reality, interpersonal relationship sometimes disturbs the balance of our mind. We need to be alone to truly refresh ourselves so that we will not be sick of  dealing with peers, family members or even strangers. Once In a country retreat, I spent time with one of my bosom buddies without talking to each other the whole day. I listened to the rain and watched it pour down on a skylight as I reflected on wilderness and its connection to being alone. Nearby, my friend was reading “One moment in Peking”. It was a form of alone time that made us closer to each other’s heart.

  • 2015年5月21日

    I am trying to break the habit of staying up too late. Because I believe the nighttime sleep deprivation is very hard to be caught up on some Zs during the day. Also, it has a domino-effect on a person’s health. I have noticed that if I do not go to bed before 11 otherwise sleep less than 6 hours for consecutive nights, I will lose my appetite thus be short of energy to exercise or even to be functional. Subsequently, I am out of focus and constantly in need of caffeine boost to get me up and running.

    Among the younger generation especially in bigger cities, it seems to be a force of habit that gets them working at night and sleeping during the day. With this upside down lifestyle, they become increasingly easy to be anxious and emotional.

    Once I wondered why one third of most people’s lifetime were in sleep mode and the quality of sleep was exceedingly essential to a healthy life. I even stayed up late into the night to ponder on this question. I finally found that It was truly interesting on both physiological and philosophical level to reflect on, however, it made me harder to fall asleep.

  • 2015年5月19日

    If you are tracked by phone calls or messages from your superiors and colleagues whenever and wherever, making you virtually impossible to escape from work, would you still say how exceedingly fascinating the smartphone is? If you are bogged in the traffic jam happening every day and forced to slam on the brake every second, would you still hail for the productivity, and comfort brought by automobiles? Contrary to the idea held by the avid advocates of modern technology, I do think that technology has been doing exactly the opposite work, “helping” our life become more complicated.

    It is undeniable that for years we have been relying on technology in all aspects. No one can cook rice without a rice cooker. However, it is this growing reliance on technology has begun to create a fear of how life would be like without them. In fact, almost all of us had been experiencing disturbances of daily activities simply because a machine broke down. People tend to be less independent in a way that just know how to press a button rather than doing things manually. It goes without saying that, if we human beings become less intelligent, our life will in turn be more complicated to ride and control.

  • 2015年5月18日

    I am a promoter of vegetarianism not only for the healthy lifestyle it results in but also because of its help in maintaining the balance in our environment.

    Animals are going to extinct due to hunting. Commercial livestock industry accounts for more than 50 percent of greenhouse gases emissions according to the survey conducted by a world-watch institution. I hope I do not sound as if I am complaining or criticizing the meat-eaters. I myself used to eat meat and my life has changed 360 degrees ever since I became a vegan 5 years ago. In particular, and quit logically, I became more beautiful as a result of less aggressive in personality.

    “To change every thing we need everyone” I was inspired by this saying claimed by a large-scale vegetarian activist event which took place in September 21, 2014, in New York City called “People’s Climate March”. As far as I could remember that was the first time the advocation of going vegan being put forward by an estimated 311,000 participants. However, it may not big enough as long as you are not in.

    “ one meat-less day, one-day rest for mother earth”, and this day may exert an strong influence on our personal development in the rest of our life.

  • 2015年5月17日

    To follow a step of a great Master is to step back from ourselves and identify otherwise better understand our strengths and weakness.

    Having an opportunity to know and learn from Master Tianzhen is a best-ever gift of my life. He never tried to teach me anything as he always said but I am indeed of benefit from spending time with him, which reminds me of a Chinese poem:” The wind sneaked into the night, moisten things silently”. Over the last 3 years practicing Zen Buddhism with Master Tianzhen, I have visibly blossomed.

    He delivers the Philosophy of Buddhism in an extremely accessible way, either by words or deeds, for people who have been learning Buddhism for a long time or have yet to know any knowledge of it. By frequently recalling the experience of my first time to visit Master Tianzhen, I could speak up his responses to an incredibly wide array of questions of living and dying asked by me. It is easy to remember but hard to completely engage with. For example, I told him that the more I learned from Buddhism, the less I felt I could truly understand it. He then said to me:” Less or More, was just your personal apprehension, and you would be more like a Buddha while less attaching to yourself. Over time and kept enhancing the right views of the Buddhism, you might finally unfold the truth that we were all inherently a Buddha.”

  • 2015年5月16日

    I find my step-father to be an interesting person in my family. But first and foremost, I need to say that he is my best ever, as a father or a brother, otherwise any other roles in my life.

    It is hard to really define him since he has many sides and he conducts himself differently to suit the situation he is in. Though, I can sum it up in 2 major divisions. Referring to academy or business, he is known as an open-minded intellectual who has an ability to engage in most kinds of  interactions. In particular, he regards writing scientific articles and building up Buddhist websites with me as the labour of love, he is not on the same page with any conflicts between science and religion, devoting himself to deliver the enlightened views of the Buddhism to the visitors of our website.

    On the contrary to his outgoing personality, he is quite reserve while his personal life is involved. He seldom, if ever, talks about his family, his past, or any private information about himself when communicating with others. If we color our judgements by personal feelings, we might think him merely sharing  what is on his mind but not his heart. But as his dearest ever daughter, I could say that he is whither than white in most situation.

  • 2015年5月15日

    My mom becomes blue and distressed immediately while hearing my departure time. For not to disappoint her by making her plea fail to engage in any sympathy or attention from her daughter, I finally changed my tomorrow’s train ticket to 5 days later.

    Focusing on her own business, mom seldom has a conversation with me or even notices my existence while we are staying at the same room. However, she keeps an eye out of my movements at the back of her mind as she always claims.

    We never need to make an effort to unfold a comfortable zone since the name of mom and daughter is fairly self explanatory. In other words, we are still on the most intimate term by doing nothing. It is true that we are virtually impossible to completely engage with each other’s mind, for example, I think my mom needs a break of routine while she is rattling on about the danger of my never-ending adventures. We are never tired of affecting an interest which we have yet to nurture for the sake of enjoying a family time, and end up with naturally involving ourselves in each other’s life.

  • 2015年5月14日

    Normally, people residing in metropolis are not on intimate terms with their neighbors. As far as I could remember I had never spoken to the family next to my door in Beijing, except for a few casual words.

    I was born and raised in a small city surrounded by rugged mountains in southwest China. Back to childhood, I could even spent overnight in different families living in same residential area. Though I could hardly picture their name and face at this moment, I recall them automatically while thinking of the neighbors.

    I do not feel like going back to the time when I was often woken up by the roosters next to my door every morning, I would rather take time to awake to the subtle changes of the surroundings. Nor am I unsatisfied with just having a nodding acquaintance with my current neighbors, at least we do not interfere mutually and may help with holding the elevator for each other once in a while.

  • 2015年5月13日

    Each of us has a person we regard as the super hero. For me, it is my nanny.

    She is the one keeps our relationship smooth and healthy while keeping the entire house spick and span. It seems that she never needs to control her temper since she is not emotionally involved.

    We felt great thankful while we found that she was even more patient than we were to take care of my 91-years-old grandpa who has been suffering from some mental disorders and could turn to be a seemingly aggressive kid in one second from a benevolent old person.

    Before her, there had been 3 other nannies who were fired or quit because of failing to get on well with my grandpa, not to mention treat him by heart, which is the priority of this job. Gradually, my grandpa became more like her owns, and they are even like two close friend sometimes, sharing each other’s troubles and jokes in a way unnoticeable by others.

    Though we have been together for one year, she is still a secret for me. I wonder how she was able to manage our home. I wonder how she could tolerate our ever-changing personalities and habits. I wonder how she seems never tired with playing with my grandpa by considering that she is just at the age of 27.  I finally found I might need to know all of her secrets in the hopes that I can use it when it is my turn to take care of the entire family.

  • 2015年5月12日

    To see the world, or to know myself, I happened to become a photographer.

    I do not compose my photos in any fixed form, because everything is changing between lights and shadow in every minute.

    I do, shape up my life while having every photo captured. By seeing through the world in pictures and before eyes, I gradually unfold an area which has not been reached by either eyes or lens.

    That is my heart.

  • 2015年5月11日

    I suddenly have too much on my plate these days, from polishing my photo gallery to tidying up my room, from hosting consecutive editorial meetings to reviewing basic Sanskrit language. Leading a hectic life, one should slow down. Instead of being pushed from A to B, we need to come out of ourselves by knowing what is the most important and the least, then simplifying our life in a productive way.

    So what is the most important thing? Updating our blogs or having dinner with family?

    Well, I would just concentrate on the matter in hand rather than choosing from moment to moment on which I focus my attention. Meanwhile, try not to feel offended by being interrupted when I am in the middle of something, for example, having a talk with my mom right now as she is asking and finishing my blog later on. After all, rushing into writing might result in a writher’s block while running to mom always gets a big hug.

  • 2015年5月10日

    I was very reluctant to connect my 91 years old grandpa with senile dementia when he was not able to recognize me right after we played poker together this morning. While nothing seemed to have disturb the even tenor of his life, it upset me to think of myself as a stranger to him .

    “He is not even on the verge of senility, but just a sudden and seemingly mental disorder, let us take a nap and grandpa would speak up your name loudly when he woke up.” My mom said, to comfort me or herself.

    Hearing grandpa snoring, I kept eyes open with my nicknames he once called flashing in brain. I was on the verge of tears as he emerged from nap calling me again. It just felt like something stunningly precious in my life was recovered, albeit it had never gone.

  • 2015年5月8日

    My heart was pounding fiercely with Nepal earthquake again when I received an email from Neeru, my dear Nepali landlord, three days ago. With thousands of words to say at one moment, I felt deprived the power of speech for a long while. That is why I have not replied to her till now. Although It has been ten days since shaking, I still worried that the quake has not been completely gone and my Nepali friends would be threaten again. Ever since coming back to China from Kathmandu three days after quake, the one-month simplified life in Nepal has been passing before my eyes, which recalled my reluctance to leave there even when I had been camped for 3 consecutive nights to avoid the jolting series of aftershocks. I always pray for the life, but never feel as strongly as this moment, My dear Neeru, Resu, Suraj, Thintin, Kesav, Saru, Clen, and all I have know and unknown, what is happening to you is flowing to my veins, so please stay safe and strong, I would be back to you with Namaste!

  • 2015年5月7日

    Look out for the symptoms of depression? Redefine them as the signs of improvement. Though easier said than done, it works more remarkably than one could imagine. I once asked my Buddhist Master Tian Zhen about why I frequently felt unhappy for some inexplicable reason. Master told me that It was the the pursuit of happiness that I had attached to resulted in a up and down life. However, life itself, no matter how many ripples have ever passed trough, it is still a calm lake,peacefully reflecting our fluctuating emotions.

  • 2015年5月6日

    Four years ago, I initiated a Buddhist website with my father. It was truly not easy for us to complete it for a long while. Back then, we had nothing but the passion which steered us towards the right direction, from learning the basic HTML to running over the Beijing city to officially register the website, from writing articles to interacting with freelancers and editors. Every step we took ahead consumed time, money and energy, and we did not know the efforts would be paid off by over 60 million page views produced in the later four years. With the increasing web traffic, we still ensured our web ( a strictly no-lucrative one which we deemed a principal rule for spreading the education of Buddhism by any ways. is much easier to start up with the experience I have had and the helps from the programmers in our group, however, English writing becomes a new challenge to me. Apart from the language using, there are paradigm shifts of the expression that have resulted in some struggles with me sometimes. Albeit the contents covered here are less serious than, I take it as serious as before. Thus, please very kindly send me an email if you find anything needs to be corrected or improved, I would be very grateful hearing from you.

  • 2015年5月5日

    Between lights and shadow, comes along Xiaoniu. In spite of different shades of meaning in Chinese, Xiaoniu is the power of my life before being my name.  Shine not burn, humble not dull, being appropriately assertive is the key point illustrated by Xiaoniu, as a personality and a sense of perspective as well. Lights and shadow together compose the photo, in any forms of Xiaoniu, sparkling or dimming, I would be active to see what literally I am consist of.