On Feb 14, 2020, my 96-year-old maternal grandpa (外公) passed away at home. We witnessed his 15-minute-long dying process, which was peaceful and painless regardless of the unavoidable shortness of breath. When the moment of his death came, our whole family surrounded his deathbed, chanting Namo Amituofo over and over again. Many say this simple yet powerful Buddhist prayer can help a dying person embrace or even welcome the end of life, but, I believe, it primarily works for the family members to release and overcome the fear of losing their dying loved ones. Now I’m making this photo album on 清明節, the Tomb-Sweeping Day, as a memorial to my 外公. And from now on, I shall always think of him with a smile as he had never forgot to smile through trying times. The background music, what death will be like by Momus, is recommended by my Y小宅. R. I. P. 外公 and R. I. P. everyone.