Photo by TanTan

I’m drawn to both the simplicity and complexity of photography, always amazed at the great power of a single photo, which can sway emotions, touch the heart, and induce changes.

Northwest China

Northwest China impressed me in many ways: the story of ancient silk road, the mysterious Buddhist grottoes, the cave dwellings in the Loess Plateau, the vast desert terrain, the overwhelming mountains, the red cheeks of the northwestners, the bright blessed day and the dark secret night……

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I did an intensive M.A in Asian Studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and will soon start a PhD there to continue and expand my MA research. I am into everything about Jerusalem. The charm of the city has made an otherwise difficult academic life a lot easier. All photos of Jerusalem are taken by Leica M Monochrome. I have many cameras, but when I press the shutter, none of them allows me to be as bold, determined, and creative as does my Leica MM. And these are essential qualities I need to photograph Jerusalem.

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Hong Kong

I stayed in HongKong from Sep 2015 to July 2016, during which I switched my apartments for three times, from Sham Shui Po to Causeway Bay to Kennedy Town. Most of my photos of HK were thus taken in these three areas. I would walk on the same streets every day but never felt tired of shooting them, where I see HongKong’s glamourous skyscrapers and a more glamourous world below them.

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Yeye's Final Days

There are two things yeye 爺爺 (my grandpa) always feels proud of. First, he served as an engineer in the air force of China in 1950s and worked with the engineers of the former USSR. Second, he has me as his granddaughter. At the age of 85, he was diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer. He could no longer fix the engine of a military aircraft, but he still has his granddaughter with him through his final days.

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Monks and Monasteries

I’ve visited many monasteries in China. Some are isolated mountain sanctuaries; some are national monuments. I’ve also befriended many monks and nuns. Some are abbots and abbesses and some are just my classmates at the universities. But I don’t think I’ve known everything about the monastic life, and I want to know more through my camera.

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