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Photo by Xiaoniu

To see the world, or to know myself, I happened to become a photographer.

I do not compose my photos in any fixed form, because everything is changing between lights and shadow in every minute.

I do, shape up my life while having every photo captured. By seeing through the world in pictures and before eyes, I gradually unfold an area which has not been reached by either eyes or lens.

That is my heart.


To document life is to forget ourselves.

Only when we do not have an acute sense of control over surroundings could we truly understand or even change it, and when it is changing, we could stay who we were according to our willing.

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Stunning landscapes always seem to catch photographers’ attention. I am no exception. From rugged mountains to colonial cities, from wild seascapes to lonely deserts, nature is hard to be fully pictured but could be partly captured with the minimalist interference, from where we may discover and build up our personal connection with it ,and live in a more natural way.

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We are all the same, that is why I always fail to figure out who you are and who I am.

A portrait could not be more straightforward as an expression of art, at the same time, it is extremely difficult to unfold as a personal character and a human nature.

Ugliness or beauty is irrelevant to the attributes of the people in front of my lens, if there are any possible connections, then it either from my ignorance or because of something wrong with my camera.

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Every baby is new to the world, and vice-versa. In particular, and quite logically, a newborn baby symbolizes purity and innocence, which we have more or less lost as growing up and are keen on returning to in the rest of our life.

We were seldom, if ever, get ourselves emotionally involved or agitated by delusions when we were babies, being otherwise a true master of our own lives with merely called as baby. On the other hand, as a physiologically functional adult, we frequently choose from moment to moment where we focus our attention and what we tell ourselves about the fours corners of the world. Being attached to the sense of control over the circumstances, we felt panic and lost when the control seems to slip over.

Thus it is very true that a sleeping baby is able to awaken the world, and when I capture a sleeping baby, I may be able to wake up.

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It was the Interaction with a Tibetan mastiff, a lion king to me, that brought an end to my fear of the puppy. In fact, It is safe to say that animals seldom, if ever, are aggressive to us from whom instead they need to endure pains and hurts in most situations. We have no privilege to abuse them because life is a life, no matter you are a human or an ant. Thus, I prefer to take photos of animals from a low angle, to show my respect to them and to myself as well.

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By capturing constructions, I frequently review basic elements and fundamental skills of photography. It is far more than to manipulate a camera. It is to build up our own world. Thus apart form steels and concretes, I have also seen the a vertical flow of communication from skyscrapers to asphalted roads.

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Still-life is alive.

if not, why is that one can photograph the flower but not its fragrance, one can photograph the candle but not its light?

While keep staying over there, they are reflecting the changes in lights and shadow. In a way, only when comparing with them do we know we are alive.

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Black and White

Color is a delusion? I am not completely on the same page.Black and white is the reality? Well, the reality may far from that.However, I have to say that black and white is still my preference, because the picture it illustrates is the most colorful ever.
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Leica Monochrome

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